Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pressing Onward...Without a Presspot

     Just about 15 weeks ago we arrived in England, July 2nd, it seems so long ago. At the end of this week our team of 13 heads out for the Outreach phase of DTS; 8 weeks of serving and practical application of all we have learned during the Lecture phase. I want to report some of the amazing things God has been doing in the lives of all of us here at Holmsted Manor. As you know YWAM is a non-profit organization, and all YWAMers rely on the support of prayer and relationship, whether its through friends and family or the church. We place faith that God will provide all we need. Some students literally sold everything they had to come. Still, as a whole the students needed about $18,000 to pay for the remaining costs at the start of the Lecture phase (which included Outreach fees). At this point we have raised enough for Lecture and for our whole team to go on Outreach; just this past week a student received $2,000. God has been supremely faithful, and on some occasions we had no idea where the money came from. We still need just a bit more, although we are more than confident God will provide, and we know that others want to partner with us. That being said I want to thank all those who have given, may our Heavenly Father richly bless you.
     Additionally, we have witnessed God restore and ignite the hearts of the students here. One student came with only one goal, that was to stay through the whole Lecture phase without going home. Just this morning he stood in front of a church and gave a testimony of all God has been doing in his life, and how the strength of the Lord is our refuge and comfort. Not only did he make it to the end of Lecture, but he is boldly going forth as a student-leader on Outreach. Many others have explained how, for the first time in their life they have come to know and hear the voice of God and are now enjoying true, life-giving fellowship with Him. We have been on an incredible journey so far; Autumn and I are so blessed to have been apart of all the amazing things God has been doing.
     So, what exactly are we doing in Moldova? What is YWAM? What is the mission? Basically, to “Know God and Make Him Known.” Lecture phase is all about the 'Knowing God' part (plus weekly local outreach), we are now moving into the “Making Him Known” part. There are three locations we plan to go to in Moldova; two cities, Chisinau (the capital), Cahul, and a small village called Dancu. This time will include, working with the severely poor and destitute, people who have been trafficked (basically sold into slavery), the homeless, orphans, recovering drug addicts, men and women transitioning from prostitution, disabled elderly, local churches, and prison ministries just to name a few. Needless to say we will be very, very, busy. And, we absolutely need all the prayer support we can get.

So to give you some direction, here are some things you can pray for:
Divine appointments with the Moldovan people
Safety and protection during traveling (plane and train)
Health; that sickness will be minimal and manageable (or non-existent)
Spiritual well-being and unity within the team
That God will lead us to steward our time and finances well &
For the remaining money needed plus some to bless the ministries and churches we work with

     Lately I have been reading a book titled “The Science of God” by Gerald L. Schroeder, and in it he talks about the power of God. He explains how God created all things through the simple act of speaking them out. Essentially the Word of God realigned and swirled molecules around, that His very words commanded energy and matter into creation. John 5:25-29 is just one of the many passages that talk about the power of the Son of God, Jesus. Then further on in John 14:12-14, Jesus explains that whoever believes in Him will do greater things. There is power in the prayers of those who love Him and believe in Him; and we truly believe that you are realigning molecules and changing the chemistry and environments of our situations and of our needs; all for His glory please pray.
     If you would like to give specifically to Autumn and I, or to the students, or to Human Trafficking Organizations in Moldova or Moldovan churches please make a note. Alison will email me, and let us know where to give and how much. 
Please make checks out to “Rural Family Ministries” 
and mark in the Memo: “ATTN: Alison Slicker”.
Mail to:
P.O. Box 380129
Grandin, FL 32138

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