Friday, June 3, 2011

Our New Journey

Welcome to Presspot Theology. For those of you who know, Autumn and I are some serious coffee drinkers, and over the years we have become quite particular. At home we have an espresso maker and a press pot (French press, or Freedom press if you like), call it snobbish, but we like coffee from a press pot. Perhaps theres nothing magical about it, but it certainly does seem to taste better. Anyway, we tend to work out our thoughts about God and scripture, theology, worship or anything really; all over coffee, with good friends and our favorite passionate people. It just so happened this morning as we were sipping away and listening to Matt Chandler, I was reminded of a truth that God is not waiting for some future version of me to love, but, that He loves me now, He has found me where I am and is calling me further along with Him. Sometimes it seems that we continually seek for answers with only a half-effort, and we place our hope on some future version of ourselves that seems to have it 'altogether'. I tend to see that version of me -that is the future version of me- as less sinful, and somehow more righteous and holy. Before I finished my cup of joe I realized, so long as I extract myself from the present I am unable to see what God wants for my life now, I eclipse His good, acceptable and perfect will, with a dreamed-up version of what life could be. I then miss the point entirely, as Rick Warren rightly put it, life is not about me, it's not about us; it's about Him, His glory, His honor, His praise. We are excited to share our thoughts and dreams with you, and to bring you along in our hearts and prayers. Amor y paz, Adam & Autumn LeGuerre.

Post Script:
We are now in a small town called Cuckfield in West Sussex, England. We are working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), as staff of a Discipleship Training School (DTS). The second day on base, during a prayer session for the school, a new sort of poem was crafted; here it is:

I am the rip curl of beauty you seek,
A depth more vast than any can reach.
Within the vortex of my grace, none are permitted to drift along my swell of mercy.

Legends and myths have crashed like waves upon the shore,
But I am God Almighty, the colossal tide, and not only lore.
Behold, I have found you, called you and drawn you here.
Fear the Lord your God, and embrace me, and know that I am for you and not against you.